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导读: struggle近义词(共5篇)近义词Solitary :lonely , alone 单个的Aptly :properly ,appropriately 合适的 适宜的Derive :gain ,obtain 取得,获得Reci...

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Solitary :lonely , alone 单个的

Aptly :properly ,appropriately 合适的 适宜的

Derive :gain ,obtain 取得,获得

Reciprocal:mutual, shared 互惠的,相互的

Obligation:duty ,responsibility 责任

Integrity: honesty virtue uprightness 诚实,正直

Grapple :struggle fight trackle 努力设法解决

Conform : agree with ,adhere to 遵守,适应。

Devastating: damaging ,very destructive , shocking 破坏性极大的

Overwhelming: very great 不可抗拒的,压倒性的

Exhilarated: delighted , in high spirits 使高兴 兴奋 激动

Gratification : satisfaction ,pleasure ,enjoyment 满足,满意,快感,令人喜悦的事 Commitment: responsibility , obligation 托付 交托 承担的义务

Fateful : decisive ,critical ,fatal 对将来有重大影响

Forge : shape ,form 锻炼,制造

Concept : idea thought theory notion 概念 观念 思想

Profoundly: deeply extremely 深远的 深刻的 非常的

Innate : natural , inborn ,instinctive 天生的 与生俱来 的

Illustration :example 举例

Endeavor: effort 努力,力图

Journal: newspaper , magazine , account 日报 杂志

Distinct :different ,dear ,definite 与其他不同的

Expand :enlarge ,grow ,extend ,broaden 扩大 扩展

Goal :aim ,destination ,end , finish 目标 目的地,

Occur :happen ,take place 发生

Acquire : gain ,earn , obtain ,secure 捕获,学到 获得

Faith : belief , confidence ,hope , religion 信念,信仰

Select : choice ,pick 选择

Major : main , greater , larger 主要的

Emotion : excitement , feeling 情感,情绪

Absurd :silly ,foolish ,ridiculous 荒谬的 可笑的

Shed: stream steam slip 流出 摆脱 散发 倾吐, discharge , issue 。cottage ,divide cabin 小屋,棚 分水岭

Lick : conquar 战胜

Smash : destroy 摧毁

Cling : stick 坚守 stay , stand on

Thick with sb : intimate with sb 与。。。关系好 、

Loafing :wasting time ,idle 游手好闲

Comic :amusing 有趣的人

Broke :bankrupt ,moneyless 一文不名的,破产的www.lintascinta.com_struggle近义词。

Attach :fasten ,link

Tease :make fun of , ridicule ,mock 取笑,戏弄,强求

Corporation :company ,firm ,concern

Manufacturer : maker ,producer

Surplus : excess 过剩的 ,额外的

Quit :drop out , leave 停止

Hire : employ 雇佣

Revenue : income 收入

Edge : advantage 优势

Force : make ,coerce , compel 强迫 迫使 Barely :hardly 几乎不

Launch : start 开始

Recess :break ,a time for rest 休息

Customized : personalized 自定义

Invaluable : important and useful 无价的,非常珍贵的 Roam :wander 漫游

Abandon : give up 放弃

Holy :heavenly ,sacred 神圣的

Proceed : continue 继续进行

Frail : weak 瘦弱的

Possess :own 拥有

Startle : alarm 惊恐

Collect :gather 收集

Amaze :astonish 使惊奇 ,使诧异

Enduring :lasting 持久的,耐久的

Immense :massive great large 巨大的,极大的 Wordlessly :silently 沉默的

Wary : alert ,watchful ,cautious 小心翼翼的

Regard :look at 看作

Eye :watch 看

Precious :dear 珍贵的

Cool: calm ,attractive 使。。。。平静下来

Wistful : sadly thoughtful 伤感的


+ abide [E5baid] vi.(abode, abided, abiding)坚持, 遵守, 居住(live, stay)

abide by(= accept/adhere to/carry out/ conform to/follow/keep to/obey/observe) v. 遵守...

* abnormal [Ab5nC:mEl] adj. 不正常的,反常的(eccentric, irregular, odd, unnatural, unusual,

exceptional, funny, extraordinary)

+abrupt [E5brQpt] adj. 突然的(sudden, unexpected, unexpected, unpredicted), 粗鲁的(impolite,


+ absurd [Eb5sE:d] adj. 荒谬的(foolish, irrational, mad, silly, foolish, stupid, unreasonable) ,

可笑的(amusing, crazy, funny, ridiculous)

* abundant [E5bQndEnt]adj. 丰富的,充足的(ample, excessive, rich)

* accelerate [Ak5selEreit] v. 加速(hasten, pick up speed, speed up, quicken),促进(promote, step


up, stimulate)

* accessible [Ek5sesEbl]adj. 易接近的, 可到达的, 容易拿到的(at hand, available, convenient,

handy, with reach)

* accordingly [E5kC:diNli]adv.因此(therefore, thus, consequently, hence), 相应地


* accumulate [E5kju:mjuleit] v. 积累(build up, increase),聚集(assemble, bring together,

collect, gather, pile up)

* acquaint [E5kweint]vt.(与with 连用)使熟悉,使相识

acquaint sb. with...(=advise of, announce, disclose, inform of, notify, reveal, tell about) v.


*activate [5Aktiveit] vt. 刺激, 使活动(arouse, excite, initiate, motivate, stimulate, prompt, start)

+adhere [Ed5hiE] vi. 粘附,坚持(stick)

adhere to(=persist in, persevere in, insist on, stick to, follow) v. 坚持...

*administer [Ed5ministE]v. 管理(control, direct, lead, look after, manage, organize, oversee,

regulate, rule, run, supervise),给与(distribute, provide, supply), 用(药等)

+advent [5AdvEnt] n. (尤指不寻常的人或事)出现(appearance), 到来(arrival, reach)

+adverse [5AdvE:s] adj.敌对的(critical, hostile, unfriendly, unkind), 有害的(contrary, harmful,


*advertise [5AdvEtaIz] v. 做, 登,宣扬(announce, broadcast, display, notify, inform)

* advisable [Ed5vaizEbl] adj. 明智的(wise, sensible),可取的

* advocate[5AdvEkeIt] vt. 提倡(recommend),主张 n. 提倡者(supporter)

+affluent [5AfluEnt] adj. 丰富的(abundant, ample), 富裕的(prosperous, rich, wealthy)

www.lintascinta.com_struggle近义词。 www.lintascinta.com_struggle近义词。

* agreeable [E5^riEbl]adj.使人愉快的(pleasant, pleasing, cheerful, satisfying), 与...一致的(to)

+ alert [E5lE:t] adj. 提防的, 警惕的(attentive, careful, cautious) vt. 使...警觉(caution, warn)

+alien [5eiljEn]adj. 外国的(foreign), 相异的(strange, unfamiliar)n. 外国人, 外来人(foreigner)

+alleviate [E5li:vieit] vt.减轻, 缓解,缓和(diminish, ease, lessen, reduce, relieve)

*allocate [5AlEukeit] vt. 分派, 分配(distribute, assign)

+ambiguous [7Am5bi^juEs] adj. 模棱两可的, 不明确的(confusing, indefinite, puzzling,

uncertain, unclear, vague)

+ amend [E5mend] v. 修正, 改进(adjust, alter, change, correct, improve, remedy, modify, revise)

+ample [5Ampl] adj. 充足的(more than enough, sufficient), 丰富的(rich, abundant,

considerable, extensive, substantial), 宽敞的(great, large, big)www.fz173.com_struggle近义词。

+amplify [5Amplifai] vt.(amplified, amplified, amplifying)扩大(add to, develop, enlarge, expand,

extend, lengthen), 增强(boost, increase, intensify), 详述(expand on)

+anonymous [E5nCnimEs] adj. 匿名的(unknown, unnamed, unidentified)

* anyhow [5enihau] adv. 无论如何(anyway, in any case), 总之

* appalling [E5pC:liN] adj. 令人震惊的(shocking), 可怕的(terrible, awful, frightening, horrible, terrifying)

* appetite [5Apitait]n. 食欲(stomach),胃口,(常与for连用)欲望(desire, hunger, passion) * applaud [E5plC:d] v. 拍手喝彩(cheer), 称赞(approve, compliment, praise)

+ appliance [E5plaiEns] n. 用具, 器具(apparatus, instrument, tool)

+ appraisal [E5preizEl] n. 评价, 估价(尤指估价财产,以便征税)(evaluation, assessment) * apt [Apt] adj. 易于...的(prone, likely),适当的(proper, appropriate, correct, right, fir, suitable) + aptitude [5Aptitju:d] n. 天才(genius, gift, talent),才能(capacity, faculty, ability, capability) * ascend[E5send] v. 攀登(climb, go up, mount, move up), 上升 (rise, soar)

* assign[E5sain] vt. 分配(allocate, distribute, give), 指派(appoint, choose, delegate, designate, nominate, select), 选定(时间, 地点)

+ assimilate [E5simileit] v. 吸收(absorb, digest, learn), 使同化

* attain [E5tein] vt. 达到(arrive at, get to, reach),获得(accomplish, achieve, acquire, complete, earn, fulfill, obtain, get, gain, secure, win)

* authentic [C:5Wentik] adj. 真正的(genuine, real, original, true), 可信的(reliable, believable, credible)

* authorize [5C:WEraIz] v. 授权, 批准(agree to, approve, consent to, entitle, permit, allow) * awkward[5C:kwEd]adj. 笨拙的(unskillful, clumsy),难以应付的(人)(difficult),使用不方便的(inconvenient)


+ bald [bC:ld] adj. 光秃的(uncovered, bare), 秃顶的(hairless), 赤裸裸的(naked)

+ barren [5bArEn] adj. 荒芜的(bare, desert, desolate, infertile), 不生育的, 不结果实的(unproductive, unfertile)

+ bearing [5bZEriN] n. 关系(connection, relationship, significance), 忍受, 举止(behavior, conduct, manners), (pl.)方向(direction, orientation)

+ beforehand [bi5fC:hAnd] adv. 预先(in advance),提前地(ahead of schedule)

* beneficial[beni5fiFEl]adj. 有利的(favorable, good, helpful, useful, profitable, valuable),受益的

+ bias[5baiEs] n. 偏心(preference),偏爱(injustice, prejudice)

*blend [blend]vt. 使...混和(combine, integrate, mingle, mix up) n. 混和(combination), 混合物(mixture, compound)

* bloom [blu:m] n. 花(flower, blossom), 旺盛v. (使)开花, (使)繁荣(flourish, thrive)

+blunder [5blQndE] n.大错, 失误(error, mistake, fault, slip)www.lintascinta.com_struggle近义词。

+ blunt [blQnt] adj. 钝的, 迟钝的(dull, slow), 直率的(direct, frank, straightforward)

* bold [bEuld] adj.大胆的(brave, fearless, daring),冒失的(rude), 醒目的(字等)(clear, bright, obvious, prominent, striking, vivid)

+ bound [baund] adj. 必定的(certain, sure), 一定的, 正要到...去的, 开往...的, 受约束的 + breakdown [5breikdaun] n. (机器等)崩溃(failure),(健康,精神等)衰竭(collapse) * brutal [5bru:tl] adj. 残忍的(cruel, merciless), 野蛮的(wild)

+ bump [bQmp] v. 碰/撞(伤)(bang, collide with, crash into, knock, smash into, hit) n. 撞击(bang, blow, crash, hit, knock, smash), 肿块

bump into(= run into/knock into) v. 不期而遇;偶然碰见


* capability [7keipE5biliti] n. (实际)能力(ability, capacity, competence, faculty),性能(performance),容量(capacity, volume)

+ cardinal [5kB:dinEl] adj. 主要的(primary), 最重要的(important),基本的(elementary, essential)

* cautious [5kC:FEs]adj. 谨慎的,小心的(careful, attentive)

+ celebrity [si5lebriti] n. 名声(reputation, fame), 名人(big name)

* cheerful [5tFiEful]adj. 高兴的(glad, pleased, happy)

+ cherish [5tFeriF] vt. 珍爱(be fond of, care for, love, treasure, value), 怀抱(希望等)(nourish),抚育(bring up, raise, foster)

* childish [5tFaildiF]adj. 孩子气的,幼稚的(foolish, immature, silly)

* chip [tFip] n. 芯片, 薄片(slice),碎片(fragment, piece)

* clarify[5klArifai] v. 澄清, 阐明(explain, make clear, throw light on)

* classify[5klAsifai] vt. (classified, classified, classifying)分类, 分等级(arrange, group, organize, sort)

* climax [5klaimAks] n. 顶点(peak, high point, summit), 高潮 v.(使)达到顶点,(使)达到高潮

* clue [klu:]n. 线索,暗示(hint, cue)

+ clumsy [5klQmzi] adj. 笨拙的(awkward, unskillful)

* coarse[kC:s] adj. 粗糙的(rough, crude), 鄙俗的(impolite, rude, offensive)

* coincide [7kEuin5said]v. 一致(agree),符合,同时发生(happen together)

+collaborate[kE5lAbEreit] vi. 合作(work together, cooperate)

+ collide [kE5laid] vi. 碰撞(hit, crash, bump), 冲突(conflict)

+ collision [kE5liVEn] n. 碰撞(hit, crash, bump), 冲突(conflict)

+ combat [5kCmbEt]v. 战斗(fight), 搏斗(struggle) n.战斗(battle, fight)

* committee [kE5miti] n. 委员会(commission, council)

+ compatible [kEm5pAtEbl] adj. 谐调的(harmonious), 一致的(consistent)

+ compel [kEm5pel] vt. (compelled, compelled, compelling)强迫, 迫使(force, oblige) * compensate [5kCmpEnseit]v.偿还,补偿(make up)

+ competent [5kCmpitEnt] adj.有能力的(able, capable), 胜任的(adequate, qualified) * compile[kEm5pail] vt. 编辑(edit), 汇编

+ compliment [5kCmplimEnt] n. 称赞(approval, appreciation, praise)

+ comply[kEm5plai] vi.遵守, 依从

comply with(=conform to/abide by/observe/obey/follow)

v. 遵守/依从...

+ comprehend[7kCmpri5hend] vt. 领会, 理解(understand, catch on, follow)

+ comprehension[7kCmpri5henFEn] n. 理解(力)(understanding), 领悟

+ compress[kEm5pres] vt. 压缩(condense, cut down, reduce), 浓缩(concentrate) * compulsory[kEm5pQlsEri] adj.被强制的(required, imposed), 必修的,义务的

* conceive[kEn5si:v] vt.构思(主意, 计划等)(think of), 设想(imagine, assume)

* concerning [kEn5sE:niN] prep.关于(about)

+ concise [kEn5sais] adj.简明的(brief, short), 简练的

+ condense [kEn5dens] v. (condensed, condensed, condensing)(使)浓缩(concentrate), 压缩

(compress, cut down, reduce)

*confident [5kCnfidEnt]adj. 自信的(assured, certain, sure, positive),确信的(convinced) +confidential[kCnfi5denFEl] adj. 秘密的(secret, private), 机密的,表示信任(或亲密)的(personal, private)

* conform [kEn5fC:m] v. (与to, with连用)符合,与..一致, 使遵守

conform to(=comply with/obey/abide by/follow) v.与...一致, 遵照...

+ conquest[5kCNkwest] n. 征服(defeat, beat, overcome)

* consent[kEn5sent] v./n. 同意, 赞成

consent to(=approval of/comply with/agree to) v.同意...

+ consequent[5kCnsikwEnt] adj. 作为结果的, 随之发生的(following, subsequent)

*consequently[5kRnsIkwEntlI] adv.因此(so, therefore, thus, accordingly, hence)

+ considerate[kEn5sidErit] adj. 考虑周到的(thoughtful), 慎重的(careful)

+consolidate [kEn5sClideit] v. 巩固(reinforce, make strong, strengthen),合并(unite, combine)

+ contaminate[kEn5tAmineit] v. 污染(pollute)

+contend[kEn5tend] v. 斗争, 竞争(compete, contest, strive, struggle ), 主张(argue, assert, claim, maintain, allege, affirm)

contend with(=deal with/ cope with/ manage) v. 对付...

*content [kEn5tent]vt. 使满意(satisfy)adj.满意的(pleasing, satisfying, satisfactory) n. 满意(satisfaction)

*correspond[kCris5pCnd] vi. 符合(agree, conform), 通信(communicate), 相当(于)

*costly [5kCstli]adj. 昂贵的(expensive),贵重的

+courteous[5kE:tjEs] adj. 有礼貌的(polite, good-mannered)

*coverage[5kQvEridV] n. 新闻报告(report), 范围, 保险额

*credible [5kredEbl, -ibl]adj. 可信的(believable),可靠的(reliable, convincing)

+crude[kru:d] adj. 天然的(natural, raw), 未加工的(unprocessed), 粗糙的(coarse, rough), 拙劣的, 粗鲁的(impolite)

*cultivate[5kQltiveit] vt. 培养(foster, develop, promote), 耕作(farm, grow), 教化(civilize, educate)

+cute[kju:t] adj. 娇小玲珑的, 漂亮的(attractive, beautiful, pretty, handsome), 聪明的(clever, bright, intelligent)


*damp[dAmp] adj. 潮湿的(moist, wet)vt. 使潮湿(wet)

*deadly [5dedli]adj. 致命的(fatal, dangerous, terminal)adv. 如死一般地, 非常地(very, highly, greatly)

*decay[di5kei] vi. 腐烂(perish, go bad), 衰败(corrupt, worsen)

+deceive[di5si:v] v. 欺骗(cheat, trick, mislead),使弄错

*decent [5di:snt] adj. 正派的(nice, honest), 端庄的(elegant), 得体的, 大方的(acceptable, appropriate, courteous, polite, proper, respectable)

*decisive[di5saisiv] adj. 决定性的(crucial, final),果断的

*decrease [di:5kri:s]v. 减少(reduce, lessen, cut down) n. 减少,减少之量

+deduce[di5dju:s] vt. 推论(infer), 推断(conclude)

+defect[di5fekt] n.缺点(disadvantage, shortcoming, fault, weakness), 缺陷

+defer[di5fE:] vi. (deferred, deferred, deferring)推迟(suspend, postpone, put off), 延期

+deficient[di5fiFEnt] adj. 缺乏的(short, insufficient), 不足的

*defy[di5fai] vt. 不服从(disobey), 公然反抗, 藐视, 向...挑战(challenge)

*delete [di5 li:t]vt. 删除(write off, cancel,cross out )

*deliberate [di5libEreit]adj. 深思熟虑的(thoughtful, cautious, careful),故意的(intended)v. 仔细考虑(ponder)

+demolish[di5mCliF] vt. 拆毁(建筑物等)(pull down, break down, destory, wreck, knock down), 推翻(计划, 制度等)(overthrow, cancel)

*depart[di5pB:t] vi. 离开(go, leave, go away), 起程(start off, set out)

+depict[di5pikt] vt. 描述(describe), 描写

*depress[di5pres] vt. 使沮丧(discourage, upset), 使消沉, 使萧条

*deprive [di5praiv]vt. 剥夺(rob... of..., take ...away),使丧失

*derive [di5raiv]v. 得到(gain, obtain, get, acquire), 追寻...的起源, 派生

*desirable[di5zaiErEbl] adj.理想的(perfect, ideal), 称心的

*detain[di5tein] v. 拘留(arrest, capture)

*deteriorate[di5tiEriEreit] v. (使)恶化(worsen, become worse, decay)

*diagram[5daiE^rAm] n. 图表(chart, graph, illustration)

*digest [di5dVest; dai5dVest]vi. 消化(assimilate, absorb), 领会(comprehend, follow, grasp, understand)n. 文摘

*diligent[5dilidVEnt] adj. 勤勉的(industrious, hardworking)

*dim[dim] adj. 暗淡的(faint, dark), 模糊的(unclear)vt. 使暗淡

*diminish [di5miniF]v. (使)减少(lessen, reduce, decrease, cut down),(使)缩小

+discard[dis5kB:d] vt. 丢弃(throw away), 抛弃(abandon, give up), 解雇(dismiss, fire) *discharge[dis5tFB:dV] v./n. 释放(release, set...free), 排放出(give out, emit, let...outt), 放电 +discriminate[dis5krimineit] v. 歧视, 区别(distinguish, tell...apart)

+disgust[dis5^Qst] n. 厌恶(hatred)v. 令人厌恶(dislike, hate)

*dishonest[dis5Cnist] adj. 不诚实的(insincere, unfaithful)

+disparity[dis5pAriti] n. (职位、数量、质量等)不一致(disagreement, difference, distinction, variety, contrast)

+disperse[dis5pE:s] v. (使)分散, (使)散开(dismiss, scatter)

*dispose [dis5pEuz]v. 处理(deal with),安排(arrange,place)

dispose of(deal with, get rid of, throw away) v. 处理, 丢掉

*distinguished [dis5tiN^wiFt]adj. 杰出的,著名的(famous, noted)

*distress[dis5tres] n. 苦恼(worry, anxiety), 不幸(misfortune), 危难(difficulty), vt.使苦恼(annoy, upset, bother)

*diverse [dai5vE:s]adj. 不同的(different, distinct),变化多的(various)

*doctrine [5dCktrin] n. 教条, 学说(theory)

*domain [dEu5mein] n. 领土(land, territory), (活动、研究等的)领域(field, area)

*donate [dEu5neit]v. 捐赠(contribute, endow),赠予

*draft[drB:ft] n. 草稿, 草案, 汇票(bill of exchange)vt. 起草(draw up)

+duplicate[5dju:plikeit] vt. 复写, 复制(copy), 使加倍(double)n. 复制品(copy), 副本 *durable[5djuErEbl] adj.耐久的(lasting)

+dwell[dwel] vi. 居住(live)

*dynamic [dai5nAmik]adj.有活力的(energetic), 动力的, 动态的





  achieve的用法1:achieve常用作及物动词,基本意思是“取得”“获得”,如取得成就、成果或获得胜利、成功等; 也可以表示经长期努力而“实现”“达到”“完成”,如实现目标、愿望,达到目的,完成计划等。



  achieve的用法4:achieve偶尔也用作宾补动词,接以“as n./adj. ”充当补足语的复合宾语。




  1. I asked McKeown if the reunion was meant to achieve closure.


  2. Car firms are desperate to achieve economies of scale.


  3. There are many who will work hard to achieve these goals.


  4. It had been an uphill struggle to achieve what she had wanted.


  5. Women have yet to achieve wage or occupational parity in many fields.


  6. A nation must take certain risks to achieve greatness.


  7. He was extremely devious in his efforts to achieve his heart's desire.


  8. Some people unluckily achieve suicide when they only meant to attempt it.


  9. He may not always achieve greatness but at least he's a trier.


  10. I'm highly unsympathetic to what you are trying to achieve.


  11. Hang in there and you never know what you might achieve.


  12. If competition is the best way to achieve it, then, fine.


  13. Sometimes, that standard is quite difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.


  14. There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.--Paulo Coelho


  15. He believed in political activism to achieve justice.





  distinguished leaders, dear students, hello, everyone:

  i come from the central university's 0501 class ring measured li fei-fei.

  march of the spring breeze brushed the winter cold, rains of the "eight honors and eight shame" singing. "proud of the hard work in order to shame indolent; to take pride in hard work in order to extravagance and dissipation ashamed" this sentence makes i think many, many. thought of the sweet casino 10000 bees spend their hard work results; thought vigorous, upright in pinus taiwanensis, "yao ding aoyama do not relax, he served as east and west north and south korea fighting spirit of the wind; thought edison's" genius is 99% sweat and 1% inspiration; thought of the "self-sharpening blade of sword out, plum blossom incense from the bitter cold over there." thought more of us.

  early morning, flying willow lake, there is the sound of reading aloud in order to improve the standard of english students to study; night, self-study room, there are efforts to learn from the students of knowledge nectar; holidays, there is the social practice in order to enhance their ability or to reduce the burden on parents busy doing the hard work part-time students. in these process, the dream will be merciless to disturb alarm clock, will their brains to think independently to endure loneliness, even in difficult working environment, the boss suffered criticism and blame. but more the joy, because the same too hard work, hard work is the sweet taste of fruits. however, there are around us, such as students, some classroom pour over and sleep all day nothing to harvest; some in the restaurant to buy a lot of meals, but eat a small portion of the remaining one upside down, ignoring the labor of the peasants; some self-righteous naive, rather than to tough place to sharpen. perhaps because young people are always leading the consumer the latest market trends, and some students will not be a reasonable, moderate, planned consumption, the formation of blind comparisons, pathological consumption, blind rush tide, resulting in two to three months of living expenses for one semester will be nothing left flowers, or to the surrounding classmates for help, or to the parents of thousands of miles in hue.

  as the new century, younger audiences, the heart has its own lofty ideals, are eager to start flying on the wings of the ideal dream of the sky. the ideal realization of the need for wholehearted enthusiasm, the real wisdom, solid action, but the need for hard labor, hard work. because of the success of the flower is by striver with hard work and sweat to the works. diligence is a valuable asset, is an immortal spirit, is a golden key to open the door to the ideal, is against pleasure-seeking mentality, stop jiaoshe living weapon.

  engels once said: "the highest state of life make a difference." students, action bar! clear about our side of the wing and shame, to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. with the fiery youth compose ordinary lives, depicting a beautiful life with hard work, hold high the ideal goal of sailing to a higher struggle to become the people and the community do something to contribute to people.


  Preface:This article is about International Workers' Day on May 1 and sometimes called May Day. See May Day for the traditional spring holiday.

  May 1 is International Labor Day, working people all over the world This is our own holiday. Today, we stand under the bright red flag with five stars, it should be and how to celebrate this great Memory glorious holiday it?

  1886 May 1, the Government of the United States deployed a large number of the bourgeois army and police brutally suppressed the Chicago workers to improve working conditions and the struggle for the assembly. This shows that for the working class not to say that the status of the owner, is to improve the basic living conditions will be subjected to bloody repression. The May 1 International Labor Day, is designed to mobilize and unite the proletariat and working people all over the world, to fight for their freedom, liberation, for the ultimate realization of the rights of the masters of unremitting struggle.

  China's proletariat and the broad masses of working people in China under the leadership of the Communist Party, after arduous struggle, so that the masters of the dream become a reality, the people become the masters of the state and society, enjoy a wide range of democratic rights in order to master the spirit of into the great cause of socialist construction in the go. Our socialist motherland is showing a vigorous, full of vigorous activity, high-spirited attitude to stride into the next century.


  Us - as a cross-century generation of builders and successors, will be duty-bound to stir up the socialist modernization construction of the burden of power to the attitude of ownership into the construction of the homeland to the great cause. As a secondary school, from an early age should establish a sense of ownership, interest in national affairs, love for their homes, and foster long-term aspirations, the future of their own destiny with the homeland combine to become the ideal has a vision there is there is a noble ambition quality people. The feelings of our labor to cultivate and develop work habits, Value labor, and actively take part in the activities of social practice. Of course, the most important thing is to study hard scientific and cultural knowledge, a solid grasp the skill-building for the future prosperity of our country and lay a good foundation! This is the "51" International Day of commemoration of the best.






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